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Captivate Audiences with Stunning Virtual Reality Activations

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a dazzling technology which has taken the event world by storm.

VR technology immerses the user within a 360-degree world where guests interact with and manipulate their environment. It places an interactive layer over tangible reality which supports many promotional opportunities for events. Our team at Green Media helps YOU capitalize on the immense value of this exciting technology.

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What Are VR and AR?

You might have heard of virtual reality and augmented reality.

These two distinct technologies offer exciting ways to add value to your events. Let's break it down:

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an extension of augmented reality. These systems utilize a completely opaque headset, blocking out the user’s view of the outside world.

Using VR technology, you can be virtually transported to another place and time.

Within these experiences, attendees play games with 360-degree movement and control.

Virtual reality systems set a new standard for what we consider experiential immersion.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality allows you to see the world around you while adding intriguing visual elements.

The technology is similar to wearing sunglasses, where you move around your surroundings with additional information and elements placed on top of the glass.

AR systems range from very simple to highly complex, given your event needs.


How Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Are Used

Let’s explore a few event applications for virtual reality and augmented reality.

Projecting Product Images

Using the latest augmented and virtual reality technology, you have the opportunity to project product images in front of potential customers. This allows them to see the finished product and gives them a clear insight into the performance of products.

Improve Your Presentations

One key challenge companies face in their events is effectively highlighting speaker presentations. Touchscreens help enhance the value of the presentation. For example, a touchscreen tablet may help your audience follow the guest speaker’s content.

Self Service

The self-service nature of touchscreens means that you don’t have to employ a large staff in order to help audiences learn about your products.


Our Service

We can help you capitalize on each of the unique benefits of VR and AR technology.

We can help you capitalize on each of the unique benefits of VR and AR technology.

We can help you capitalize on each of the unique benefits of VR and AR technology.

Comprehensive Consultation

During the consultation process, we discuss your upcoming event and the type of  VR and AR technology you’d like to use. We’ll review the message you wish to convey with your branding and help you find the technologies and accessories that fit your audience’s needs, and your budget.

Customized Service Options

We can build customized VR and AR systems specifically for your brand and your event, as required. This service empowers your brand to offer a uniquely engaging experience.

Load-In Work

We’ll complete all elements of the load-in process for you, ensuring the technology is tested effectively and ready before the event.

Event Production

On event day, we’ll handle the production work for you, addressing technical issues and ensuring your audience receives maximum value from your VR and AR technology investment.


Trust us for exceptional Virtual Reality  experiences

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