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Gain a Competitive Advantage With Innovative AV Technology

AV technology is changing the way companies promote their products at trade shows and other corporate events.

It’s allowing proactive firms to make strides towards meeting consumer expectations and captivating audiences across the country.

But, only by partnering with a trusted event technology specialist can you achieve a return on your technological investments. Green Media is your event technology leader.

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Our AV Technology team is here to offer the following services:

Comprehensive Technology Solutions

We provide comprehensive event technology solutions to help you maximize your impact at upcoming events. During the consultation, we'll discuss your event objectives, showcase the technology at our disposal and explain how each system might benefit your event. Beyond providing the technology and operating it at the event, we help guide you in integrating the system within your current marketing strategy, ensuring seamless execution.



We offer decades of experience as technological pioneers. From local enterprises to multinational brands, our team helps companies achieve event goals by harnessing our extensive knowledge to guide our clients to event success.


Exceptional Services

We operate as a technological partner to your business. We help you resolve any technical challenges you’re facing and match the appropriate technology to your event objectives with precision. As a trusted partner, we’ll work throughout your event to ensure the system runs smoothly and meets your expectations.



Our full suite of options includes:

led screen vector.png


LED walls showcase branded video at events - they introducing thousands of attendees to brands, enhance keynote presentations and serve as a dynamic backdrop to fully immerse your audience.

digital signage.png

Digital Signage

Digital signage offers higher levels of engagement than traditional signage products.

You can use digital signage to update your promotions in real-time and connect to social media to highlight your brand’s online presence.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the next generation of interactive event technology. It allows your brand to showcase its work in a way which completely immerses the audience and compels them to act according to your event goals.

We offer direct access to the very best in virtual reality technology.

vr-green media.png
touch sreen technology.png

Touchscreen Technology

Interactive technology is now a critical element of your events. We’ll create the highest quality touchscreen systems utilizing our innovative technology to elevate your brand.


Look to Green Media for the Latest in Event Technology

We’re the local professionals for engaging event technology. We’ll help you provide audiences with an immersive, unforgettable experience. To learn more about the full range of technology at your disposal, book a consultation with us today.

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