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Enrich your message with vibrant,

high-definition visuals that captivate and engage your audience.

What exactly is

Projection Mapping?

Projection Mapping is a technique that can turn irregular surfaces or objects into captivating 2D or 3D video displays using video projection technology.

The ideal surfaces for 2D Projection Mapping to amplify event space are walls, floors, and ceilings.

3D Projection Mapping enables the creation of interactive displays from any 3D shape, including custom scenic designs and entire buildings.


Enhancing Your Events with the

Magic of Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping has the power to transform any space or element into an immersive experience that transports your audience to a whole new level.

How Projection Mapping Can Take Your Visual Storytelling to the Next Level


Personalized Experience

The Possibilities for Each Projection Mapping Project are Endless, as Every One Is Fully Customizable with a Combination of Images, Motion Graphics, Video, or Animation Cast onto Any Surface.


Boundless Potential

Projection Mapping can turn any space into an interactive canvas, allowing you to create any scene or environment imaginable. By bringing your audience into these immersive worlds, you can significantly enhance your experiential marketing efforts and leave a lasting impression.



Projection Mapping's adaptable and scalable nature allows it to deliver the ultimate event experience, regardless of the size or layout of the space.

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Why Is Projection Mapping the

Future of Event Technology?

The Projection Mapping Production Workflow

Examples of Our

Projection Mapping Projects

The Complete Range of Services Included in Our Projection Mapping Process:

  1. Sporting Events

  2.  Award Ceremonies

  3.  Conferences

  4.  Corporate Events

  5.  Concerts

Creative Consult

Create a Unique and Memorable Event Experience with Projection Mapping. During Our Consultation, We'll Assess Your Requirements and Budget, Discuss Venue and Audience Considerations, and Develop a Comprehensive Strategy That Meets Your Marketing Goals.

Production Phase

Your Vision Is Our Top Priority. During the Production Phase of Your Projection Mapping Project, We'll Transform Designs into a Finished Product That Exceeds Your Expectations. Our Team is Committed to Delivering Flawless Execution on Event Day.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Our Service Is About More Than Just Load-in and Set-up. We Go Above and Beyond to Sweat the Details and Ensure a Flawless Projection Mapping Experience on Event Day.


Choose Green Media and Experience

Projection Mapping at Its Best.

Make a Lasting Impression on Your Audience with

Projection Mapping. Book Your Consultation Now to Learn More.

We're Excited to Hear About Your Event Goals.

Let's Chat and Discover How We Can Assist You.

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